About BS

The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong has been operating a Social Enterprise, namely Bright Services Company Limited ( BS ) for 20 years, committed to the development of an inclusive and safe society by providing the ex-offenders and other socially disadvantaged people employment and training opportunities so as to facilitate them to reintegrate into society by enhancing their employability and social adaptability.

Our Mission

Apart from creating business opportunities for persons with a history of criminal offense to help them rehabilitate through gainful employment, BS has always been looking for business opportunities to create jobs for younger ex-offenders so as to develop their positive attitude at work as well as leading them to reach their full potential, as we know it's always better to make the social disadvantage group to learn the fishing skills rather than giving them a fish.

The scope of business of BS included home and office removal, office and building cleaning, exhibition management and manpower supply, maintenance services and SoBakery (bakery café located in Chaiwan).

香港善導會 SRACP

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